Full life-cycle business counsel


We provide a full range of legal services to startups, entrepreneurs and emerging companies through the life-cycle of formation, financing, on-going operations and exits.  


Business Formation

  • Choice of entity & incorporation
  • Initial capitalization and founder’s stock
  • Business licenses and other initial matters
  • Drafting initial contract forms, terms of service, privacy policies, etc.


  • Friends and family investments
  • “Crowd-sourced” investments
  • Debt financing: secured and un-secured loans

Business Operations:

  • Customer and supplier contract review and negotiation
  • Intellectual property protection and licensing
  • Business disputes
  • Entity governance and ongoing maintenance

Business Exits: 

  • Seller representation on BizBuySell.com, broker or other private sale
  • Cross purchasing & buy-outs
  • Wind-down and dissolution.

Building & Protecting Real Estate Wealth 

Our practice is primarily geared toward helping people in transactions involving distressed properties. 

We help clients on all sides of transactions and disputes, because we believe both sides do better with an advocate who understands both sides.  No matter which side we represent, all clients rely on our wisdom, experience and legal advocacy to make sure they are protected.  

For Real Estate Investors

We believe in the wealth-generating opportunities in real estate from first hand experience.  We help new investors learn the ropes, shore up risk and maximize their profits.   Real estate has been the most widely-used path to building fortunes than any other.  Unlike other business endeavors, a business plan built on real estate is almost a guaranteed win if you follow the rules and always use prudence, legal and tax advice.  The horror stories are known quantities, and you can almost always avoid them to the degree that they become mute in practical terms, once you know what you're doing.

NOTE: There are a lot of vultures in the real estate investing business. We will not work with anyone demonstrating a lack of care and regard for the plight of the distressed property owner.  Our techniques will make you profitable and keep you safe, but not at the sacrifice of any morality. 

For Homeowners

We only help homeowners in distressed situations, such as foreclosure or other reasons for needing to get out of a property.   We're here to review ALL your options before you sign away rights.  For those in financial distress and in need of a quick sale, we schedule meetings in evenings & weekend.  We also have a discounted fee for fixed and limited income homeowners.

Types of Matters we Handle

  • Purchase & sale of all types of property
  • Leasing commercial or residential space
  • Investor consulting
  • Joint venture relations and deal structuring
  • Contractor contracts and mechanics liens
  • Foreclosures and short sales
  • Deed drafting & recording
  • Mortgages & trusts
  • AirBnB & vacation rental planning
  • Evictions
  • Solar, Wind and alternative energy land acquisition or uses
  • Zoning, land use and regulatory battles
  • Neighbor dispute
  • Mediation and civil litigation.

Why Choose Us for Real Estate

We offer many years of experience providing exceptional legal skills, quick response and creative solutions. We know how to proceed with decisiveness while exercising caution to avoid litigation, resolve and negotiate disputes in the most expeditious and beneficial way for our clients.

At the same time, we are sensitive to business and individual bottom lines and the need to contain cost while protecting property ownership and leasing rights. We are dedicated to providing an outstanding level of legal guidance and making sure your real estate needs are met with success!

Behind the Curtain.

The "Us" in "About Us" is me - Heidi Pliam, backed by a number of amazing contractors that help me do what I do best. Technically, I'm a solo practice attorney licensed to practice in Minnesota as well as the Federal Court system.   

The firm manages three brands: REILawyer.com serving the unique needs of real estate investors, IndieLawCenter.com providing affordable services to bootstrapping entrepreneurs, and MarkLaw.com providing free trademark information (also one of the first major law sites ever to receive worldwide acclaim in the legal field).  

Founder of Resolve Counsel PLLC


Heidi Pliam is a lifelong entrepreneur, as well as real estate investor, certified coach and attorney. She's a pioneer in the practice of dispute resolution coaching, applying coaching methods to conflicted relationships starting in 2007.

A life-long Phi Beta Kappa honorary society member, Heidi is an 1991 magna cum laude graduate of the University of Minnesota and a 1997 cum laude graduate of Mitchell Hamline law school (formerly William Mitchell College of Law).   More about Heidi. 



Looking for a MN Attorney?  Cool.  We're looking for you too!

IF you share these traits with us, we might just make an extraordinary team: 

  1. Practical yet ambitious with a burning desire to succeed
  2. Purpose driven with a strong desire to leave the world better than when we got here
  3. "Whatever it takes" mindset, with integrity to do things the right way

Resolve Counsel PLLC provides accessible, practical advice to entrepreneurs and real estate investors.  Our clients include main-street businesses such as restaurants, yoga studios, as well as small real estate companies and internet businesses worldwide.

Our Clients

Our clients are:

  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Bootstrapping Startups
  • Super-Small Businesses (less than 10 employees)

Our Strengths

We believe in sticking to our strengths.  As such, we only practice in the areas of Business and Real Estate law, and we only serve the kinds clients listed above.  Within those domains, we have developed a couple different niche areas where we go deeply into complex cases and cutting edge legal issues. Of course, we handle the basics in business and real estate law too.  But where we don't believe we can deliver top advice in the field ourselves, we bring in those who can - either by referral or on a subcontract basis.  

This flexible structure ensures your legal matter will always be handled with the depth of knowledge and experience you deserve, but only when actually needed.  We don't staff up to showcase and impress. It's one of many strategies we implement for keeping our overhead low without compromising quality. 


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