Looking for a MN Attorney?  Cool.  We're looking for you too!

IF you share these traits with us, we might just make an extraordinary team: 

  1. Practical yet ambitious with a burning desire to succeed
  2. Purpose driven with a strong desire to leave the world better than when we got here
  3. "Whatever it takes" mindset, with integrity to do things the right way

Resolve Counsel PLLC provides accessible, practical advice to entrepreneurs and real estate investors.  Our clients include main-street businesses such as restaurants, yoga studios, as well as small real estate companies and internet businesses worldwide.

Our Clients

Our clients are:

  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Bootstrapping Startups
  • Super-Small Businesses (less than 10 employees)

Our Strengths

We believe in sticking to our strengths.  As such, we only practice in the areas of Business and Real Estate law, and we only serve the kinds clients listed above.  Within those domains, we have developed a couple different niche areas where we go deeply into complex cases and cutting edge legal issues. Of course, we handle the basics in business and real estate law too.  But where we don't believe we can deliver top advice in the field ourselves, we bring in those who can - either by referral or on a subcontract basis.  

This flexible structure ensures your legal matter will always be handled with the depth of knowledge and experience you deserve, but only when actually needed.  We don't staff up to showcase and impress. It's one of many strategies we implement for keeping our overhead low without compromising quality.